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Triangular bandages

Triangular bandages

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The triangular bandages, measuring 102 x 102 x 142 cm (40" x 40" x 46"), are versatile and indispensable tools in any first-aid kit or medical environment. Made from 100% cotton, these bandages offer optimum softness and breathability, ideal for use on sensitive skin.

Each bandage is individually wrapped and comes with two safety pins for secure, fast application. This packaging method also guarantees absolute sterility until use, ensuring a clean environment for wound treatment.

These triangular bandages can be used in a variety of ways, including as a sling to support arms and shoulders, as a compression dressing to control bleeding, as a means of immobilizing hands and feet in the event of injury, or even as a tourniquet for extra compression in an emergency.

With generous dimensions of 102 cm x 102 cm x 142 cm (40" x 40" x 46"), these bandages offer extensive coverage and can be easily folded or knotted to suit different medical or first-aid situations.

In short, triangular cotton bandages are versatile and essential tools for the treatment of wounds and trauma, offering superior quality, guaranteed sterility and versatility of use that make them a reliable choice in medical emergency situations.
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