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Sterile gauze compresses (102 mm × 102 mm)

Sterile gauze compresses (102 mm × 102 mm)

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Sterile gauze compresses (102 mm × 102 mm) are indispensable tools in any medical or first-aid environment. These gauze pads are specially designed to dress small wounds such as scrapes and cuts effectively and hygienically.

Each pad is made from 12 plies of high-quality sterile gauze, ensuring optimum absorption while being non-adherent to avoid further trauma on removal. This design enables gentle, comfortable application to the skin, reducing the risk of irritation and pain for the patient.

Gauze compresses are sterile, ensuring a clean and safe environment for wound treatment. Their high absorption capacity helps to keep the wound area clean and dry, promoting a rapid and effective healing process.

Each compress is individually wrapped, ensuring absolute sterility right up to the moment of use. This packaging method also allows for convenient and hygienic handling, making them an ideal choice for healthcare professionals, doctors' surgeries and home first-aid kits.

In short, sterile gauze compresses (102 mm × 102 mm)offer a reliable and effective solution for the treatment of small wounds, guaranteeing maximum absorption, protection against infection and optimum patient comfort.
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