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Rolls of sterile gauze bandage (102 mm x 9 m)

Rolls of sterile gauze bandage (102 mm x 9 m)

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Rolls of sterile gauze bandage (102 mm x 9 m) are essential medical supplies used to hold dressings in place and ensure effective wound protection.

Each roll is specially designed to provide a secure, comfortable hold while allowing adaptation to the patient's body contour.

These gauze bandage rolls are made from high-quality sterile materials, ensuring an optimal healing environment for the wound. Their ability to stretch and conform to the body's contour enables easy application in a variety of areas, and ensures secure dressing fixation.

The generous width of 10.2 cm ensures adequate wound coverage and holds dressings effectively in place. The 9-meter length offers plenty of material for prolonged medical interventions, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals and first-aiders.

Each roll is individually wrapped to ensure sterility until use, making it a hygienic and practical option for medical interventions. This feature is essential to ensure hygienic and effective wound care, particularly in medical and first-aid environments.

In summary, rolls of sterile gauze bandage (102 mm x 9 m) are versatile and indispensable medical supplies for wound care. Their sterile design, stretchability, secure fit and individual packaging make them a preferred choice for healthcare professionals and first aid responders, ensuring quality care for patients.
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