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Practical Guide for First Aiders in the Workplace

Practical Guide for First Aiders in the Workplace

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The Practical Guide for First Aiders in the Workplace is an essential tool designed to support first aiders intervening in the workplace, in compliance with the standards and requirements of Quebec's Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST). This guide is specifically adapted to Quebec's pre-hospital emergency system, and provides a clear and effective intervention framework for first aid in the workplace.

Features of the guide :
  • Defined intervention framework: The guide establishes a clear framework for first aid intervention in the workplace, taking into account CNESST protocols and recommended practices.
  • Compliance with CNESST standards: All directives and recommendations in the guide are in line with the occupational health and safety standards established by the CNESST, thus guaranteeing compliance of interventions.
  • Support for trained first-aiders: It provides invaluable support for first-aiders who have undergone CNESST-compliant training, guiding them in their interventions in the field.
  • Adapted to Quebec's pre-hospital emergency system: The guide is specifically adapted to the emergency system in force in the province of Quebec, making it particularly relevant and effective for local responders.

Recommended uses:
  • First-aider training: The guide can be used as a teaching resource when training first-aiders in the workplace, to prepare them adequately for emergency situations.
  • Field response: It serves as a practical reference when responding to accidents or medical emergencies in the workplace, helping first-aiders to make informed decisions and provide appropriate care.
  • Compliance with safety standards: By following the guide's guidelines, companies can ensure that their first aid practices comply with CNESST standards, thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees.

The Practical Guide for First Aiders in the Workplace is an indispensable tool for any professional environment, offering clear and compliant guidelines for first aid interventions and thus contributing to the safety and well-being of workers.
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