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Non-adhesive sterile swabs (51 mm x 76 mm)

Non-adhesive sterile swabs (51 mm x 76 mm)

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Non-adhesive sterile swabs (51 mm x 76 mm), are essential medical devices designed for the treatment of light wounds, burns and sensitive skin areas. These dressings are specially formulated not to adhere to the skin or wound, ensuring easy, pain-free removal when changing dressings, while preserving the integrity of the injured area.

Made from high-quality sterile materials, these pads are highly absorbent, helping to effectively drain exudates from light wounds and maintain a clean, dry environment to promote optimal healing. What's more, they are latex-free, making them suitable for use in patients with latex sensitivities or allergies.

Each pad is individually wrapped, ensuring absolute sterility right up to use. This packaging method also ensures hygienic and convenient handling, making them an ideal choice for medical environments, first-aid practices and first-aid kits.

In summary, Non-adhesive sterile swabs (51 mm x 76 mm) are versatile and reliable medical products, offering effective protection and optimum comfort for the treatment of light wounds and burns, contributing to rapid and safe patient recovery.
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