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Mylar emergency blanket

Mylar emergency blanket

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The Mylar Emergency Blanket, measuring 132 cm x 213 cm (52 inches x 84 inches), is an essential piece of equipment in situations involving medical emergencies, trauma and exposure to the elements. This blanket is specially designed to provide thermal protection and temporary shelter for people in distress or shock.

Made from reflective aluminum, this blanket is designed to retain body heat and protect against hypothermia by preventing excessive body heat loss. It is also impervious to wind and moisture, offering protection from the elements, making it essential for outdoor emergencies such as car accidents, natural disasters or evacuation situations.

The Emergency Blanket is lightweight, compact and easy to store in first-aid kits, emergency vehicles or survival bags, making it an essential item for first-aiders, healthcare professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Its bright color and generous size of 132 cm by 213 cm ensure maximum visibility and adequate coverage for a single person or even several in distress.

In short, the Mylar Emergency Blanket is essential equipment for medical emergencies and exposure to the elements. Its reflective, waterproof and compact design makes it a versatile tool for thermal protection and temporary shelter during emergency response and outdoor survival situations.
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