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Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves

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Disposable gloves are essential personal protective equipment used in a variety of medical, dental and industrial environments to protect healthcare professionals and workers from the risks of contamination and exposure to potentially harmful substances.These gloves are specially designed in nitrile, a durable and resistant synthetic material, offering superior protection against punctures, abrasions, cuts and nicks, as well as substances such as oil, grease and organic solvents.

Each disposable nitrile examination glove is powder-free, ambidextrous, non-sterile and single-use, ensuring hygienic and safe use in a variety of clinical and professional situations. With a thickness of 5 ml, these gloves provide an effective barrier against pathogens and potentially hazardous substances, while offering excellent tactile sensitivity for precise handling of instruments and materials.

These disposable gloves are particularly suitable for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses and medical technicians, as well as industrial workers, beauticians, hairdressers and any other personnel requiring reliable, comfortable hand protection. Their latex-free design also makes them suitable for people with latex allergies.

In summary, disposable gloves are high-quality personal protective equipment, offering superior protection, exceptional tactile sensitivity and maximum comfort in a variety of medical, dental and industrial environments. Their use helps to ensure the safety and health of professionals and workers exposed to biological and chemical hazards.
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