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Arterial tourniquet

Arterial tourniquet

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The arterial tourniquet is an essential limb trauma care device, specifically designed to effectively stop blood loss during a traumatic bleeding event. This medical equipment is widely used in medical emergency situations, whether in the workplace, during leisure activities or in professional medical environments.

Designed for limb trauma care, this tourniquet is specifically adapted to stop blood loss in traumatic bleeding events, such as road accidents, firearm injuries, or industrial accidents. It offers a fast, effective solution for controlling bleeding and stabilizing the patient before further medical intervention.

Made with a plastic stick and loop, this tourniquet is easy to apply and adjust to ensure optimum compression and effective stopping of bleeding. Its packaging comes with detailed instructions, making it easy to use even in stressful, emergency situations.

In summary, the Arterial Tourniquet is an essential medical device for limb trauma care, offering a fast and effective solution to stop blood loss during a traumatic bleeding event. With its robust design and clear instructions for use, it is an invaluable tool in the first-aid kit and in emergency medical environments.
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