Collection: First aid kit - Daycare and childcare center

The First Aid Kit for Childcare Centers and Daycares scrupulously meets the requirements of the "Règlement sur les services de garde éducatifs à l'enfance". Designed to ensure the safety and well-being of children, it is specifically adapted to the needs of establishments catering to toddlers.

The kit is equipped according to the standards set out in Appendix I of the regulation, with contents carefully selected to respond to common emergency situations in a childcare environment. It must be accessible at all times to staff members, but not accessible to children, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the regulations.

Compliance with these standards ensures that every childcare center has the tools it needs to treat minor injuries and respond to medical emergencies until medical professionals arrive, if necessary.

With this first-aid kit, daycare operators can be confident in their ability to provide appropriate and prompt care when needed, offering a safe and reassuring environment for children and their families.

For more information on the regulations in force, please consult the link to the regulations.